Mountain Valley Bank, N.A.

At Mountain Valley Bank, our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. As financial services professionals entrusted with sensitive financial information, we respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to treating customer information responsibly. Our Customer Information Privacy Principles serve as standards for all of the bank's employees for collection, use, retention, and security of individual customer information.

Mountain Valley Bank has always been careful to protect the privacy of our customers and has formally adopted the eight privacy principles below.

1. Recognition of a Customer's Expectation of Privacy

We recognize that customers have a right to expect their personal financial information to remain private and secure.

2. Use, Collection and Retention of Customer Information

We will collect and use information about individual customers only when we believe it will be useful (and allowable by law) in administering the organization's business needs and in providing products, services and other opportunities to our customers.

3. Maintenance of Accurate Information

This institution has established procedures to ensure that a customer's financial information is as accurate, current and complete as possible. We will respond to requests to correct inaccurate information as expeditiously as possible.

4. Limiting Employees Access to Information

We have policies and procedures that limit employee access to personally identifiable customer information. Employees are educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and on these Privacy Principles.

5. Protection of Information via established Security Procedures

We safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures, and we continully assess new technology for protecting information.

6. Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

It is the bank's policy not to reveal specific information about a customer's accounts or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use. We may share information with third parties if they provide a product or service that may benefit our customers. We would share the minimum amount of information necessary for that company to offer its product or service.

Customers have the right to opt out of the disclosure of non-public personal information to nonaffiliated third parties by notifing the bank in writing.

7. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships With Third Parties

If personally identifiable customer information is provided to a third party, that third party must adhere to similar privacy principles that provide for keeping such information confidential.

8. Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

Mountain Valley Bank recognizes and respects the privacy expectations of our customers. We want our customers to understand our commitment to privacy in our use of customer information. As a result of our commitment, we have developed the Privacy Principles, which are made readily available to our customers. We will gladly discuss this commitment in detail with customers who have questions about these Privacy Principles or have a question about the privacy of their customer information.

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