Directors and Officers


J. Daniel Bucher

Russell T. Linger, Jr.

Guy H. Michael, Jr

David J. Orr

T. Richard Harvey

Donald J. Judy


F. Casey Wallace

Nellie B. Liggett

Harry C. Marson, IV

Pat A. Nichols

Richard L. Thompson



President and CEO

Vice President/Sr. Loan Officer

Loan Administration Officer

Marketing/HR Manager


Operations Officer

Internal Auditor

Compliance Officer

Customer Service Manager

IT Manager


T. Richard Harvey

    Rebecca L. McClung

    Anita J. Biggs  

    Joan E. Hostetler

    Anthony N. Ricottilli

    S. Diane Chidester

    Stefanie K. Geesey

    Shannon G. Titchnell

    Diana J. Summerfield

    Kelly L. Godwin

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